Exercise Can Be Fun: Run... and Juggle!

Vanderbilt Jugglingand Physical Arts Club (JPAC) is astudent organization that combines running with juggling to inspire families toget active and have fun! Each year, the students from Vanderbilt Universityparticipate in Team Catch It Early, running and juggling in 5K races for cancerawareness.

Juggling whilerunning, also known as "joggling," creates an added challenge and anelement of play that introduces students to creative approaches to physicalactivity. Most JPAC students have never juggled or joggled before joining theorganization.

Team Catch It Earlyinspires and entertains the children and families who participate in the cancerawareness races. By juggling in charity races, the students learn, and pass on,a message that exercise can be fun and can give back to the community.

Team Catch It Earlyis based in Nashville, Tennessee, and is expanding to include jugglers in othercities. The volunteer program was created by JPAC alumni, and continues to beled by Vanderbilt students and alumni.